Scars of the Past

Don’t be afraid of the scars of your past. Embrace them. For these scars are what sculpted you into the person you are today. They play a vital role in the shaping of your true being!

We (myself included) too often look at these scars and become shameful. As if we are supposed to be perfect. So we cover these scars up and forget about them, ultimately forgetting where we came from and what we’ve been through. STOP!

Wear these scars as a badge of honor. You don’t need to flaunt them. But don’t be ashamed. Never be ashamed of who you are or where you came from.

What one SHOULD be afraid of is the open wounds of the past. You see, we are all on this journey called life. What paths we take or detour from is all based on the choices WE ourselves make. Not because he said or she did this, that or the other… it’s how we perceive said situation and choose to handle it. As we progress through this journey, we WILL get knocked around. We will fall down and dare I say we will come out with cuts and bruises. It’s the healing of these open wounds that create the scars of our past. That tell our story and prove to us how strong we are, how far we’ve come. How capable we are of overcoming the largest even the smallest obstacles in life. I’d be lying to you if I said some of these cuts won’t be deep and some superficial.

The point I’m getting at is, we need to heal these wounds no matter how deep they are. So we can learn and become stronger better beings. Wounds left unhealed are toxic. You can bandage, cover and hide for a little while. But eventually, these wounds will bleed out and show again. Even worse, the infection in the time of letting these wounds go, just create more toxicity in your life. Ultimately leading you toward death. I’m not talking in a physical level although I believe it could become… I mean more on a emotional level, spiritual level and on a mental level.

We have to find it in ourselves to make amends with what ever the source of these wounds may be no mater how much it might hurt. How difficult it may be. So that we can heal and create that scar. The scar to be proud of, to have learned from. Not an open wound that is killing us day by day… minute by minute… second by second…

Heal those open wounds and create those scars. Let the world know you are strong. Be proud and embrace who you are!

It’s been too long

Over a year since my last post…
*This is my hopefully return post to hold myself accountable to keep writing. I would love to start writing and expressing in words again.  With these crazy busy times, I have let this go. I look to write if not a lot more.. at least just more!
Any interest in follow my journey… Please, feel free! Help hold me accountable. 

I failed and I’m happy about it!

Guess who missed 195 pound snatch this morning? I DID! And DAMN proud of it too!!! Why? You may ask… Why would I be proud of a failed attempt?!? I missed it… Yet I am still happy and proud as shit of it! I may have missed the lift… Though I gained much more in missing the lift. There’s just as much to gain in missing the lift as there is to hitting it. As long as you are open to it. I now know that I can pull 195lbs from the floor and get it over my head which before today, I did not know I could do. Now, I will take today’s missed lift and learn from it. Strengthen my weaknesses with in myself and I’ll try again another time. See, I may have failed this time around, and that’s ok with me. I know that I am not done. I know that I will some day soon attempt that same lift and at least try again with just as much heart as today. So again, I say… Today, I missed 195lb snatch. No worries. I will get it! Be it next week next month no matter… I won’t give up!
So get out of your comfort zone, try something new… Just try! Because you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you never try! Fear not the unknown, but the knowing of the missed opportunity of becoming a better you!
Happy Friday!!!

Coming back

Been away from my blogging game for a bit, looking to finally get back at it. Hopefully have some good content. Having my 2nd kid and life coming at me faster than fast, free time has been minimal. My goal is to slow things down a bit, hopping to allow for a little more free time.

Live Now!

Hello world! I have started this blog to help spread the so called “secret” to life. I want to help motivate others and open minds to living happy, living healthy and living free.

Too often we go through life living in the past, or living for others. Doing things to be accepted. Being someone we’re not just to fit in. There is way more to life than that. We just need to take the time and stop to smell the roses. Live for today, live now. For tomorrow may never come. No one but you can live your life.

I hope to see this blog reach out and help others to look at things at a different perspective, see the positives in life’s lessons and to take on new challenge in life. Live life to the fullest and regret nothing. Live it for you and never lose sight of who you are or where you came from. Most of all make sure to always do you!

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