Stay positive

Stay happy and positive in all aspects of life. Everything happens for a reason. It’s up to ourselves to find the good in it all. There’s always good to the bad, or happy to the sad. A lesson lies under every event that takes place in your life. Weather it be happy or sad. A positive message underlies every change that may take place weather good or bad.

It’s up to us to take control of our lives and be happy. Be grateful. We are surrounded by so much love and positivity and we radiate so much ourselves, but most of us are to busy looking at the smaller picture. We need to get a different perspective on things.

Take a picture for example. If you were to zoom in to any spot on the picture, so close that you can’t tell what what’s going on but see maybe differents shades and shapes. If you step back and get a different perspective, now your looking at the whole picture. Now you notice, it’s the Mona lisa. Now you can see everything for what it really is rather than just saying its smears of paint on canvas. Same thing applies to life. When you don’t understand a given situation or event. Step back, look at the bigger picture. Get that different perspective. Maybe you’ll find that missing puzzle piece. You’ll understand what the situation better and find that positive lesson.

In any case, stay positive. Be sure to always be looking at the bigger picture. Everything happens for a reason. Find that positivity and happiness in every situation.

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