Scars of the Past

Don’t be afraid of the scars of your past. Embrace them. For these scars are what sculpted you into the person you are today. They play a vital role in the shaping of your true being!

We (myself included) too often look at these scars and become shameful. As if we are supposed to be perfect. So we cover these scars up and forget about them, ultimately forgetting where we came from and what we’ve been through. STOP!

Wear these scars as a badge of honor. You don’t need to flaunt them. But don’t be ashamed. Never be ashamed of who you are or where you came from.

What one SHOULD be afraid of is the open wounds of the past. You see, we are all on this journey called life. What paths we take or detour from is all based on the choices WE ourselves make. Not because he said or she did this, that or the other… it’s how we perceive said situation and choose to handle it. As we progress through this journey, we WILL get knocked around. We will fall down and dare I say we will come out with cuts and bruises. It’s the healing of these open wounds that create the scars of our past. That tell our story and prove to us how strong we are, how far we’ve come. How capable we are of overcoming the largest even the smallest obstacles in life. I’d be lying to you if I said some of these cuts won’t be deep and some superficial.

The point I’m getting at is, we need to heal these wounds no matter how deep they are. So we can learn and become stronger better beings. Wounds left unhealed are toxic. You can bandage, cover and hide for a little while. But eventually, these wounds will bleed out and show again. Even worse, the infection in the time of letting these wounds go, just create more toxicity in your life. Ultimately leading you toward death. I’m not talking in a physical level although I believe it could become… I mean more on a emotional level, spiritual level and on a mental level.

We have to find it in ourselves to make amends with what ever the source of these wounds may be no mater how much it might hurt. How difficult it may be. So that we can heal and create that scar. The scar to be proud of, to have learned from. Not an open wound that is killing us day by day… minute by minute… second by second…

Heal those open wounds and create those scars. Let the world know you are strong. Be proud and embrace who you are!

Creatively Bettering Myself

Shot by Casey a sheppard
Roseville ca. At about 11:30pm from a different view

I have always been drawn to photography. I’ve also always had a thing for videography or filmmaking or cinematography… what ever you want to consider it. The act of make movies or videos.  

I’ve never really had a ton of education on either one. Just learning out of the sheer passion. Over time, I’m comfortable to say that I’m not bad at either one. I am by no means an expert, what ever that really means! I guess you can say I have that creative eye for it. What why or how? That’s beyond me. 

 I’ve found over the years that I’ve been drawn to the story telling in both video and photo. How so little can be said said in a 30sec video clip, yet so much can be told. Or how a single photo can speak so many words… but not say anything at all. I still don’t know or understand it. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t click. I’ve spent forever trying to take photos like photographer A or shoot videos like filmmaker B. It just doesn’t happen. 

After so long of this vicious cycle of going nowhere and fast. I’ve given up. Not on what I enjoy, but in trying to imitate someone I’m not. Trying to create something of someone else and not creating or doing becuase I want to or becuase I enjoy it. I have my camera… or nowadays, more often then not, my phone. I shoot videos or photos off my phone and have started to develop a style that works for me. I stopped worrying about my work not looking like someone else’s. I stopped worrying about things being perfect or even about having “the right” gear. In doing so I’ve actually been way happier with my work. 


I believe that I have improved. I believe it’s becuase I essentially stopped caring about that in which I can not change and focusing on what matters to me. Why I shoot videos or take photos. It’s not JUST to capture that smile on my sons face, but to be able to relive that moment. What it was he was laughing at. Seeing his brother look up to him in this moment… telling the story of that moment. 

Don’t worry about what others may see or how they may perceive you or anything you do. Just do what makes you happy. For me, it’s just shooting video and taking photos. Forgetting about perfection… and just enjoy this ride we call life!

It’s been too long

Over a year since my last post…
*This is my hopefully return post to hold myself accountable to keep writing. I would love to start writing and expressing in words again.  With these crazy busy times, I have let this go. I look to write if not a lot more.. at least just more!
Any interest in follow my journey… Please, feel free! Help hold me accountable. 

In today’s crazy busy lifestyles, we find ourselves living at such a pace that no matter what we do or how we do it, there just is “Never enough time” in a day and we waste so much precious time energy and life on trying to fit it all in and stress so much when it doesn’t happen. Now, there are a plethora of tips or blogs or videos you can learn from to better manage your time. Learn how to use your time wisely and effectively. Why should you listen to what I have to say? 

I’m no expert by any means, though my personal belief is life shouldn’t be so hard. Neither should the lifestyles we live. Keep it simple. Do what you love. This makes planning what to do and how to do it fun and enjoyable. It also keeps the happy and positive juices flowing. Stop losing sleep over not finishing your work, it’ll still be there tomorrow. Stop spending so much time planning on how your going to go about your next day and just live life in the moment. Because I’m a huge quote fan, John Lennon said it best, “life is what’s happening to you while your busy making other plans”. This day and age, there is NOT enough to time in a day to do it all. Just keep in mind though, you have the same number of hours in a day as Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan or “insert respected role model here” its what you do with that time that really counts in life. 

Continue to do what YOU love and your daily tasks will be simple, more of that in which makes you happy. Living simple will help live happy healthy and free. Open your mind to new things and create new opportunities!

Open your mind, be happy and free! 

  I’ve had this blog set up for some time now. Always thinking I am going to utilize it. Only to find myself losing interest in blogging. Due to “insert excuse here”!

Starting in the new year I want to get back and start opening the minds of others start bringing light to those who live in the dark. Help others see that happiness is in every situation we encounter. The reason I started this was to help others understand that true happiness starts with us. Start looking at life from another perspective. Get your mind right. Then we can live happy and free! Through personal experience, inspiration from others and living a true and happy life I want to help bring joy to others. 

I hope through this journey I can inspire someone. Motivate someone. Help someone in need. I hope that you all will join me and enjoy this journey we call life and help pass this on to others. For someone you know could just need that little bit of joy to pull them back from the edge or to get them through that rough time. Live and learn with me and open your mind to happiness and unlimited possibilities! 


In all that you do, do it from the heart. Speak from your heart. Laugh from the heart. See from the heart. Listen from the heart. Feel from the heart. Love from the heart. It’s not until you live everyday in every moment from the heart, that you can say you are true to yourself and those around you. Weather it’s communicating with a pet or your boss. Communicate from the heart. Be honest, be proud, be YOU! When you talk against your heart, it’s not true. When you listen from outside the heart, you’re missing the very truth and point. When you love from the outside, be it others opinions or because thats how you think you’re supposed to love… It’s not true genuine love. The heart only knows truth. Beauty. Honesty. Love. Everything else is subconsciously programmed or generated from outside the heart. That smoke, clouds the mind making the true essence of the heart, hard to see. That’s when we get lost. That’s when we lose sight of happiness. We forget the feeling of joy. Free the mind of the smoke to find the heart. Then and only then will you become truly alive,happy, full and free! 

I failed and I’m happy about it!

Guess who missed 195 pound snatch this morning? I DID! And DAMN proud of it too!!! Why? You may ask… Why would I be proud of a failed attempt?!? I missed it… Yet I am still happy and proud as shit of it! I may have missed the lift… Though I gained much more in missing the lift. There’s just as much to gain in missing the lift as there is to hitting it. As long as you are open to it. I now know that I can pull 195lbs from the floor and get it over my head which before today, I did not know I could do. Now, I will take today’s missed lift and learn from it. Strengthen my weaknesses with in myself and I’ll try again another time. See, I may have failed this time around, and that’s ok with me. I know that I am not done. I know that I will some day soon attempt that same lift and at least try again with just as much heart as today. So again, I say… Today, I missed 195lb snatch. No worries. I will get it! Be it next week next month no matter… I won’t give up!
So get out of your comfort zone, try something new… Just try! Because you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you never try! Fear not the unknown, but the knowing of the missed opportunity of becoming a better you!
Happy Friday!!!

Make today your B!+€#

Wake up everyday with a “CAN DO” Attitude! Start everyday off right. Positive. Happy. Ready to take on whatever life has in store for the day. Don’t wake up feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t wake up dreading the day ahead. What do you think your creating for yourself? A shitty day is what you have just created! I know that sometimes our sleep wasn’t quite on point. We wake up tired. Sore for the day before… That shouldn’t stop you from making the best out of today. You woke up this morning. You are breathing. So take that as a positive and start rolling with that! Now your ready to take today and own it! Everything you do. From taking a shower… OWN IT! To brushing your teeth… Like a boss! Making breakfast (most important meal of the day) OWN IT! Everything single thing you do… Take control and take charge! Today and everyday is your day. Make the very best of it, for you were blessed with air in your lungs and a beat in your heart today!

Right here… Right now!

What was the last thing you said to your loved one before they left…?Before you left? Do you remember? Did you part on good terms? Only thing in life that is guaranteed… The only thing in life that we REALLY have… Is this moment RIGHT HERE. This moment RIGHT NOW. The past has already happened. The future may never. We call this moment… Right now, the present, because it’s gods gift to us. This moment right now is the only time you can actually live. Breathe. And feel. Yesterday was lived… So let it go. Tomorrow isn’t here, so don’t stress about it. Be in this moment. Breath in this moment. Live in this moment. Be grateful for what you have right now. For who you have right now. Life is short and you never know what the future has in store. Love your loved ones like there is no tomorrow. Live your life in the now… But live it like there’s no tomorrow. We don’t have any clue what tomorrow may or may not bring. So don’t waste a second, don’t chance it. Live, love and laugh right here and right now!

Be a Better You!

I as a human, a crossfitter and a coach, am learning everyday. Something I’ve learned recently is how we as athlete push our bodies to extreme limits. We need to be smarter athletes, but more so, humans. I myself need to be a better, smarter coach. Stop letting people do weights and movements they aren’t mechanically ready for.

Get fundamentally sound in your movements and maintain proper form and technique. Then push for reps and time while maintaining said form. We often times get more caught up in the numbers and the clock, that we start to throw out form/technique, ultimately putting ourselves in an injured state both mentally and physically just for that extra rep or second. Maybe not right then and there, but over time and reps… It will inevitably happen. I am all for pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone because face it, that’s how we get stronger and better. Let’s just be smart about it. Train hard, train smart and become a better you!

Happy hump day!

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