Creatively Bettering Myself

Shot by Casey a sheppard
Roseville ca. At about 11:30pm from a different view

I have always been drawn to photography. I’ve also always had a thing for videography or filmmaking or cinematography… what ever you want to consider it. The act of make movies or videos.  

I’ve never really had a ton of education on either one. Just learning out of the sheer passion. Over time, I’m comfortable to say that I’m not bad at either one. I am by no means an expert, what ever that really means! I guess you can say I have that creative eye for it. What why or how? That’s beyond me. 

 I’ve found over the years that I’ve been drawn to the story telling in both video and photo. How so little can be said said in a 30sec video clip, yet so much can be told. Or how a single photo can speak so many words… but not say anything at all. I still don’t know or understand it. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t click. I’ve spent forever trying to take photos like photographer A or shoot videos like filmmaker B. It just doesn’t happen. 

After so long of this vicious cycle of going nowhere and fast. I’ve given up. Not on what I enjoy, but in trying to imitate someone I’m not. Trying to create something of someone else and not creating or doing becuase I want to or becuase I enjoy it. I have my camera… or nowadays, more often then not, my phone. I shoot videos or photos off my phone and have started to develop a style that works for me. I stopped worrying about my work not looking like someone else’s. I stopped worrying about things being perfect or even about having “the right” gear. In doing so I’ve actually been way happier with my work. 


I believe that I have improved. I believe it’s becuase I essentially stopped caring about that in which I can not change and focusing on what matters to me. Why I shoot videos or take photos. It’s not JUST to capture that smile on my sons face, but to be able to relive that moment. What it was he was laughing at. Seeing his brother look up to him in this moment… telling the story of that moment. 

Don’t worry about what others may see or how they may perceive you or anything you do. Just do what makes you happy. For me, it’s just shooting video and taking photos. Forgetting about perfection… and just enjoy this ride we call life!

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