In all that you do, do it from the heart. Speak from your heart. Laugh from the heart. See from the heart. Listen from the heart. Feel from the heart. Love from the heart. It’s not until you live everyday in every moment from the heart, that you can say you are true to yourself and those around you. Weather it’s communicating with a pet or your boss. Communicate from the heart. Be honest, be proud, be YOU! When you talk against your heart, it’s not true. When you listen from outside the heart, you’re missing the very truth and point. When you love from the outside, be it others opinions or because thats how you think you’re supposed to love… It’s not true genuine love. The heart only knows truth. Beauty. Honesty. Love. Everything else is subconsciously programmed or generated from outside the heart. That smoke, clouds the mind making the true essence of the heart, hard to see. That’s when we get lost. That’s when we lose sight of happiness. We forget the feeling of joy. Free the mind of the smoke to find the heart. Then and only then will you become truly alive,happy, full and free! 

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