Be a Better You!

I as a human, a crossfitter and a coach, am learning everyday. Something I’ve learned recently is how we as athlete push our bodies to extreme limits. We need to be smarter athletes, but more so, humans. I myself need to be a better, smarter coach. Stop letting people do weights and movements they aren’t mechanically ready for.

Get fundamentally sound in your movements and maintain proper form and technique. Then push for reps and time while maintaining said form. We often times get more caught up in the numbers and the clock, that we start to throw out form/technique, ultimately putting ourselves in an injured state both mentally and physically just for that extra rep or second. Maybe not right then and there, but over time and reps… It will inevitably happen. I am all for pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone because face it, that’s how we get stronger and better. Let’s just be smart about it. Train hard, train smart and become a better you!

Happy hump day!

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