Never enough hours a day

“Never enough hours in a day”

If you are one who lives by this motto, you are visionless, lazy and shut yourself off of your own full potential and creativity. You are doing no justice for yourself. Only robbing yourself of happiness and true living.

For those of you who will come at me with your responses, rebuttals or as I will call them, EXCUSES. Just remember this… You have the same number of hours a day as people such as Thomas Edison, MLK, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan… Fill in the blank with someone you look up to or inspires you. They are human beings just like yourself. They have just used the same amount of time we all have a day wisely, working on their craft.

So… No more excuses or feeling bad cause “theres not enough hours a day”! Life is a journey meant to be lived and you are in control of your own dreams. Stop worrying about what you don’t have and focus on that in which you do. Focus on what makes you happy.

No excuses, fight for what you believe in, and most of all remember that you are human. You will set out for a goal, and trip up on the way. Its up to you to find out how to get over it and move on. Life is short, so use the time you have wisely, loving and living!

Happy Friday!

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