Be a Better You!

I as a human, a crossfitter and a coach, am learning everyday. Something I’ve learned recently is how we as athlete push our bodies to extreme limits. We need to be smarter athletes, but more so, humans. I myself need to be a better, smarter coach. Stop letting people do weights and movements they aren’t mechanically ready for.

Get fundamentally sound in your movements and maintain proper form and technique. Then push for reps and time while maintaining said form. We often times get more caught up in the numbers and the clock, that we start to throw out form/technique, ultimately putting ourselves in an injured state both mentally and physically just for that extra rep or second. Maybe not right then and there, but over time and reps… It will inevitably happen. I am all for pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone because face it, that’s how we get stronger and better. Let’s just be smart about it. Train hard, train smart and become a better you!

Happy hump day!

Coming back

Been away from my blogging game for a bit, looking to finally get back at it. Hopefully have some good content. Having my 2nd kid and life coming at me faster than fast, free time has been minimal. My goal is to slow things down a bit, hopping to allow for a little more free time.

Do something!

I’m gonna be real…

You want change in your life, stop doing the same thing day in and day out!

You want to lose weight, stop eating crap!

You want to get stronger, start working out!

Not much to this post today. Just honest truth! Have a great weekend!

You won’t get anywhere in your comfort zone


Step out of your comfort zone. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, what ever it is you’re doing. Be it at the gym trying to hit a new PR (personal record) or looking to try something for the first time or at work talking to your co-workers. Step out and get comfortable in that uncomfortable state.

Doing so will result in growth. Resulting in bettering ourselves. Making us a better person, a stronger person in one way or another. Staying in that zone of comfort does nothing for us. Gets us no where.

Challenge yourself to be a better you and step out of that comfort zone! Learn and grow by doing so. Keep your mind open and free. Lets grow stronger and live free!

Live in the now, work for tomorrow.

All that you are today, in the now, is a result of what you have done in the past. Your actions taken today are what make you what you are tomorrow. You want change in your life? Be the change you want to see.

If you did 100 push-ups right now you won’t be instantaneously jacked. Your body will go through a stage of muscle breakdown and healing/recovery stage resulting in a stronger you after this process has taken place. The same goes for if you are wanting to change your lifestyle for a healthier one. Just because you ate a salad today does not make you healthy. It is one step closer to getting into a better healthier lifestyle. Being the change you want to see today, will become a reality in the future. You have to make the change push through the challenges and soon you will be that change you once wanted. Keep your head up and your mind clear and focus on what it is you want!

Your mindset sucks, so does your life!

Your mind is the only barrier that keeps you enclosed and shut out of life. The mind is so powerful. With the mind you can choose to love, to hate. You can choose to do or not do something. You can heal or you can hurt with the power of the mind.

With the power of ones mind, can make possible the impossible. Can achieve the very things that others wish and dream of.

If you can think of something. Lets call it a dream or a goal. There is absolutely no reason why that dream can’t be achieved. There is absolutely no reason that goal cannot be obtained. If you think it up it can be done. Having the mindset that we all once had from birth is the key. An open and free mind. Open to possibilities and opportunities. Free of fear and doubt.

Look at kids and the mindset that they’re in. They have no knowledge of judgement. No perception of what is cool and what is not. They are free of fear. They have no doubt. They are more just filled with curiosity. Why? Because they still have the mindset we all were once born with. An open and free mind. Untainted by society and the B.S. us as humans have created.

Fast forward 5-6 years. That same child is now worried about what they wear. Their hair style. Concerned about fat people and skinny people. Afraid to try new things. They no longer put themselves out there. Even at this young age they are worried about being accepted. This is sad, kids even adults for that matter should not have to work to be accepted. Should not have to worry if this other toddler will like them or not. Unfortunately that is not how it is. We start to close our minds off. We start to develop fears and doubts. I call it programming. We are programmed at a young age to fear. To doubt. To have tunnel vision. Over hundreds of years that’s what has become of the human race. We were made happy, smart, strong, agile and free. Unfortunately over the years of developing fear and doubt we have lost sight of our true values and purpose as human beings! *rant over*.
We’re programmed at a young age to fear others. To fear the unknown. We’re programmed to doubt everything. What the hell does that leave us with!?! How the hell are supposed to do anything if we live in this fear?! By the time this kid hits the age of 10, they are most likely closed minded. Unmotivated. So un driven to do anything except that which is cool to do. Or that in which you “have” to do.

Another 10 years down the road still closed minded no creativity for anything, stuck in a routine and most likely forgot the true meaning and feeling of happiness. All because this person has been influenced by B.S., lies and deception created by “US”. Resulting in a close minded, unhappy stagnant life.

This is the power of the mind. How ones mindset can change everything. How keeping an open mind keeps opportunities coming and keeps life worth living. Free your mind of the crap and focus on true happiness and love and happiness and love is what you will have. This is what life is about. Change your mindset, change your life! Smile often, be open and free!


So many things that we all take for granite in this life! So many things we do or say for no purpose at all… Why? Fear. Fear of what someone may think of you. Fear of not fitting in. Fear of failure. There is so much in this world we fear. Weather it’s a legitimate fear or a fear instilled in us because he or she said we have to fear it. We are so influenced by others around us.

The cool kids are swearing. If I want to fit in Im gonna start swearing too! You go to a party everyone is drinking and doing drugs, well I see so n so doing it an I look up to them so I am going to do it too. This goes for just about everything! We as humans have this thing where we have to be the best… we have to look the best… Just to impress others.


You don’t have to do a damn thing! If you have to change who you are. Change what you believe in. Change the things that you TRULY love… All to make a friend. All to be accepted… Then you are wasting your time. You need to stop, turn around and go in the other direction. When your on the subway and realize… “Hey, I’m going the wrong way…” It’s on you to get off and get on the one going the right direction. Stop worrying about what he thinks or what she says. Follow your heart! Live your life to the fullest and you will forever be happy and free!


Never enough hours a day

“Never enough hours in a day”

If you are one who lives by this motto, you are visionless, lazy and shut yourself off of your own full potential and creativity. You are doing no justice for yourself. Only robbing yourself of happiness and true living.

For those of you who will come at me with your responses, rebuttals or as I will call them, EXCUSES. Just remember this… You have the same number of hours a day as people such as Thomas Edison, MLK, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan… Fill in the blank with someone you look up to or inspires you. They are human beings just like yourself. They have just used the same amount of time we all have a day wisely, working on their craft.

So… No more excuses or feeling bad cause “theres not enough hours a day”! Life is a journey meant to be lived and you are in control of your own dreams. Stop worrying about what you don’t have and focus on that in which you do. Focus on what makes you happy.

No excuses, fight for what you believe in, and most of all remember that you are human. You will set out for a goal, and trip up on the way. Its up to you to find out how to get over it and move on. Life is short, so use the time you have wisely, loving and living!

Happy Friday!

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